1. Generate a keyword approach 
Create a list of 3-5 keywords appropriate to your business
Choose keywords based on difficulty & relevance
Design & optimize your website around your keywords

2. Optimize your website
This is the focus of SEO to increase your website’s ranking
On-Page SEO: how well your website’s content is perceived by search engine
Off-Page SEO: your website’s overall authority on the web, which is determined by what other sites say about your website

3. Create blog & other content
Consider which blogging platforms
Key components of a great blog post
Attention-grabbing article, well-written text, images/video, links, call-to-action (“Buy now” or “Click to learn more”)

4. Promote content & participate in social media
Using Twitter & Facebook for business
LinkedIn: the social network for business professional 

5. Transform site traffic into leads
Concentrating on the transformation process 

6. Nurture leads with email marketing

CRM (customer relationship management) have greater success in turning leads to customers over time

7. Be mobile-friendly 
3 key elements to include: emails & calls-to-action, downloads, and videos

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